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Dragnea’s alleged list of new Cabinet. Who is the PM proposal?

Update: Who might stay, who might leave in the future Government led by Dancila? The security notices on ministers trouble PSD

The investiture vote for the new Cabinet led by Viorica Dancila is due in Parliament on January 29.

Meanwhile, rumours on who’s staying and who’s leaving keep coming. According to most presumptions, the Dancila Cabinet will have the same structure, the same ministries and the same number of portfolios as the previous Tudose Gov’t. At the same time, it seems that most ministers will keep their offices, but there will also be new ministers to replace a few.

So far, it seems certain that Olguta Vasilescu will still be Labour minister, Carmen Dan-Interior Minister, Mihai Fifor-Defense Minister, Petre Daea-Agriculture minister, Paul Stanescu-Development minister and deputy PM, and Tudorel Toader-Justice minister.

PSD’ s ruling partner, ALDE will also keep its four portfolios- Foreign Affairs ministry led by Teodor Melescanu, Toma Petcu- Energy, Gratiela Gavrilescu-Environment and Viorel Ilie- Parliament Liaison. ALDE will also keep the second deputy PM seat held by Gavrilescu.

On the other hand, it seems that former vice-premier Marcel Ciolacu will not be part of the future Cabinet anymore, likewise the Transports minister, Felix Stroe, who might be replaced by the former minister Razvan Cuc.

Sources told new agencies that neither the minister delegate for European Funds, Marius Nica, will stay in office.

Ciolacu, Stroe and Nica have missed the Wednesday’s government sitting. They were known as close to the former PM Mihai Tudose.

The Tourism minister Marius Dobre is also uncertain for a second term, as well as Gabriel Petrea, minister for Social Dialogue and the Culture minister, Lucian Romascanu.

Other sources say that the Education minister Liviu Pop is also leaving, with Ecaterina Andronescu being the most rumored name to replace him. The incumbent Health Minister Florian Bodog’s mandate is at risk right now, with sources claiming he might be replaced by Rodica Nassar.

The National Executive Committee, CExN of the ruling Social Democrat Party will convene to establish the future ministers to be part of Dancila’s cabinet.

After Tudose’s resignation, PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea has accused some ministers of breaking the party’s discipline and of laying themselves against the leadership.

In retort to a potential dismissal, Education minister Liviu Pop says he will leave if the CExN decides so, adding that he is not physical person in the Romanian Government.

PSD wants no more security notes for ministers asked from intelligence services

However, there are some changes in the activity of the future ministers, and even some important ones. The PSD Executive Committee has decided in its last meeting that the future Social Democrat PM should not ask security notices from the intelligence services on the future members of the Cabinet.

I noticed that strange things happen in the past years, meaning that those who win elections and want to promote their colleagues, the more vocal they against the parallel state, the more negative notices they receive, without further explanations. We are not told what are issues considered state secrets. We had enough of it,” said PSD deputy secretary general, Codrin Stefanescu.

He argued that the respective notices given by the intelligence services are useless, considering that the ministers and the prime minister are politically accountable to the voters anyway.

Asked what has prompted such a discussion on the notices, Stefanescu said: “We all started these discussions, me, Olguta Vasilescu, Serban Nicolae, Ecaterina Andronescu, Marian Oprisan, Liviu Dragnea, all warned Viorica Dancila that she would be pressured, tapped. We decided to urgently summon the CExN and make all public if the premier or the ministers feel pressures.”

The decree on designating the new PM “leaves out” Dancila’s middle name. Presidency rectifies it

The decree signed by president Iohannis on Wednesday to designate the new prime minister and published in the Offical Gazette is missing Viorica Dancila’s middle name, “Vasilica”.

However, a professor for constitutional law, Radu Carp, told “Gandul” online daily that it’s not a serious legal matter, and if somebody challenges the document, it will take too long.

I don’t think it’s a problem, it’s just an omission. The President’s decrees can be challenged only under very restrictive conditions. If someone wanted to file an appeal, a potential solving would take long, until the fifth Government came,” he said.

However, 24 hours laters, the Presidential Administration rectified the decree, adding Dancila’s middle name.

“Correcting this technical error is not affecting the content of the decree and its validity,” the Presidency retorted.

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