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Update2: Fake Italian doctor – caught by Police at Curtici customs. Health Minister points to DSP employee who issued the free practice seal

Matteo Politi, the Italian who performed surgery in several private clinics, although he had graduated only eight grades, was caught by Police Wednesday morning, at Curtici customs, while trying to flee the country by train.

He was on an Inter Regio train on route from Bucharest to Budapest, ziare.com reports.

“During the specific checks, the border policemen found that on his name an alert had been issued with a peremptory writ by the Romanian authorities, the person being charged in a fraud file,” the Border Police inform.

The Italian has been handed over to a Romanian Police operative team to bring him to Bucharest for hearings.

Matteo Politi said Tuesday evening for Antena 1 TV private broadcaster that a lawyer helped him get the free practice rights and she told him all documents are valid. He refuses to say where he is.

“When I arrived in Romania, as I did not know the system, I turned to a lawyer to whom I handed all the needed documents. I’ve also signed a power of attorney document, as she requested. She had all my documents and she dealt with the issues. Finally, she said I have the free practice rights in Romania. (…) When I’ve been admitted, with the lawyer’s support, I could call myself a physician. An institution handed me this right… my diplomas have been admitted and diplomas have been validated,” Politi told the Xtra Night Show.

The Italian ‚surgeon’ refused to speak about his whereabouts and to reveal the lawyer’s name, calling her only Laura.

“I am not going to run away, but I prefer not to tell you where I am,” he said.

Heath Minister: The DSP employee who issued the seal for the fake physician says she did it out of pity

Health Minister Sorina Pintea said Wednesday morning that the Public Health Directorate (DSP) employee, who had issued the seal for Matteo Politi, said she did it out of pity.

The Public Health Directorate announced on Tuesday that the seal for the Italian fake surgeon was issued on March 23, 2018 by the Office of Informatics and Medical Biostatistics, stating that an internal investigation has been initiated to verify the way it was issued.

“Do you know what the DSP employee said when asked why she did it? Out of pity – she said. I did not understand whom she pitied,” the minister said for Europa FM private radio broadcaster.

Asked if corruption might be involved, Sorina Pintea said this is certain.

“For certain this is the main suspicion,” the Health Minister said.

She added that she is eager to see the documents, to find out if he did perform surgery, but witnesses say he did so,” Pintea added.


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