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US guitarist Al Di Meola returns for new performance in Bucharest with his brand new album “Opus”

The famous American guitarist Al Di Meola will come back to Romania this autumn in an event dedicated to his latest album “Opus”, released at the end of February this year, and performed in Bucharest under the umbrella of happiness, the German Quality Entertainment informed.

The artist said the new album represents a new era in his life and that, for the first time, he had composed the music while being completely happy.

With OPUS I wanted to further my compositional skills as I think that the evolution of this part of my persona has labelled me more composer/guitarist than guitarist/composer” – says Di Meola – “at the sametime this record also marks a new era in my life. For the first time in my life, I have written music being happy, I’m in a wonderful relationship with my wife, I have a baby girl and a beautiful family that inspiresme every day. I believe it shows in the music.”

Al Di Meola thus becomes the pioneer of a new style of instrumental music, a mix of jazz sounds and fusion beats with Latino elements.

The artists confessed he wanted to perfect his composing abilities with this new album “OPUS” and this evolution had rather turned him into a composer-guitarist than into a guitarist-composer.

Tickets, with prices ranging from RON 99, to RON 159, RON 199 to RON 299, are available at startickets.ro!

The new album contains 11 songs which will be heard live in Bucharest in November.



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