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US IT giant to open R&D center in one of the largest cities in Romania

As of this December, the United Business Center 1 (UBC 1) class A office building within the Openville development will accommodate the Timisoara-based software research and development (R&D) center of the Intel Company, one of the world’s largest technology companies, a press release informs.

US IT giant leased 2,400 sqm in the second office building developed by the Iulius Company within the Openville Timisoara project, the largest mixed use development in the west of Romania.

“We are honored by the partnership signed with Intel and we are thrilled that this prestigious company has chosen the Openville project for its center based in Timişoara. UBC caters for companies that wish to provide their employees with efficient working spaces and high comfort facilities, as well as with the satisfaction of having direct access to the facilities and services that they need. Our office buildings are the only ones in Timişoara that benefit from the proximity to dozens of useful everyday services available in Iulius Mall”, Laurentiu Manea, Openville Office Buildings Manager said.

Intel has been in Timisoara since 2016, as of purchasing the Movidius Company, which also had a head office in this city. Intel’s Timisoara based Center specializes in software for computer vision and artificial intelligence applications. The new office premises will accommodate approximately 130 employees, and their manpower is due to grow up to 200 over the next three years.

“The new offices will enable the support for our company’s consolidation and recruitment plans in Timisoara. We have always focused on the comfort of our specialists and we wanted a modern and flexible space with numerous facilities that can encourage teamwork, innovation and performance. We chose the UBC 1 office building because in addition to meeting all our quality criteria, it is a part of an already operational project, designed to benefit employees,” said Valentin Muresan, Country Manager Intel Romania.

In addition to the class A facilities, UBC 1 stands out in the urban landscape of Timisoara by virtue of its architecture, as the building is triangle shaped, as well as direct access to the park and the new retail areas that are to be fitted in the Openville project. The building will benefit from LEED certification and from the implementation of sustainable operation policies geared towards enhancing the efficiency of utilities’ costs and the tenants’ comfort.

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