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Văcăreşti Lake became a protected natural area and the first urban park in Romania

Văcăreşti Lake, also known as ‘the Delta of Bucharest’, was officially declared natural park and was established in this area the protected area regime, the Environment minister Cristiana Paşca Palmer announced on Wednesday.

“After four years, this government, at the proposal of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests, approved today, during the Executive meeting, the Government Decision through which Văcăreşti Lake is declared natural park, the natural protected area regime being established. Thus, Văcăreşti Lake becomes the first urban park in Continental Europe (…) and also the first urban park in Romania,” Palmer said.

The minister said that the new protected area covers an area of 186 hectares. She said also that a management plan will be developed in the coming period.

“We’ll go through the legal process of organizing an appeal for the selection of Văcăreşti natural park administrator. (…) The procedure itself takes several months, so until about October there should be an administrator,” Environment minister noted.

She added that, in the case of this natural park, there are no problems related to expropriation.

At the moment, Văcăreşti natural park is the property of the state. Of the 186 hectares, only 6 are privately owned.

The Văcăreşti Lake is a man-made lake, within the city of Bucharest, close to the east periphery. It was supposed to be a part of the hydrological protection system, in case of flood: it was meant to hold the water of the Dambovita river in case the latter swelled and overflowed. The works for this lake started in 1986, and the Monastery of Văcăreşti as well as the houses of around 100 people were seized by the regime and had to be demolished to make way for this huge basin.

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