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Vatra Dornei Resort, the Pearl of Bukovina

Vatra Dornei is one of the most popular Romanian resorts due to its climate, landscape and especially to the ski slopes visited each year by thousands of tourists. It is located 802 meters altitude in Dornelor Depression, 112 kilometers away from Suceava and 89 from Bistrita Nasaud. The area has an alpine temperate continental climate, with an average annual temperature of approximately 5 degrees Celsius. The resort is well known for its natural mineral water resources.

The existence of the mineral springs is attested since the beginning of the eighteenth century, but their curative effects were formalized by Dr. Ignatziu Pluch since 1806 when he did first analyses, proving the curative qualities of these waters. In 1812 around 50,000 bottles of mineral water were bottled here to be sent to different cities all over Europe. New installations and spa establishments were built in 1845, in 1862 were complete new chemical analyses to the mineral waters and in 1895 a modern spa sanatorium was built.

For those interested in treatments, mud baths, carbonated water, paraffin treatments, hydrotherapy, massage, are recommended for cardiovascular diseases, digestive disorders, nerve and metabolism, gynecological diseases, paralysis and even traumatic states. Currently there are 37 mineral springs of which 7 for internal treatment and 30 for external treatment.

vatra dorneiVatra Dornei is one of the most important spas in Romania, an important tourist center and a favorite place for relaxation and recovery during holidays, offering a proper picture for backpacking to the chalets in the Rarau and Giumalau Mountains, or for the winter sports (bobsledding, skiing, and sledding). The resort’ chairlift climbs a distance of 3 km to the top of Black Hill (Dealul Negru), 1300 m altitude. The descent offers you a spectacular view. If you want to test your physical performances you will have the opportunity to ride the bike through the mountain paths. You can also choose rafting or paragliding.

Vatra Dornei is in the first place a white sports resort. The ski and sled slopes are ready for competitions and recreational activities and receive each year thousands of tourists all over the country but also from abroad. The ski slopes are equipped with cable transport systems.

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