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Victor Ponta to join new party as of September

Former SocDem PM Victor Ponta announced on Facebook that he will join a new party as of September, but not one that is in Parliament now.

Ponta answered a comment asking him if he intends to set up a new party “to attract valuable people”.

“I have never been in another party except PSD/after 15 years of activity I have been ousted for defending Sorin Grindeanu (who has been a PSD member since 1996) against Liviu Dragnea (who came from PD-e.n. the late Democrat Party). Now I am independent but I will definitely go in for politics in a new party as of September (it will definitely not be a party that is in Parliament now)!,” Victor Ponta said.

The former premier didn’t provide any details about the party he might join, but one option would be Pro Romania party, recently founded by the former co-chairman of ALDE, Daniel Constantin, with Ponta’s support.

Victor Ponta has been expelled from several weeks ago after the teamed up with ex-PM Sorin Grindeanu against SocDem chair Liviu Dragnea who had filed a censure motion to topple down Grindeanu Cabinet. However, his conflict with Dragnea dates back early this year.

Ex-ALDE co-chairman Daniel Constantin has also been kicked out from ALDE

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