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Victor Spirescu, the ‘poster boy’ for Romanian migration died in car crash after taking cocaine, court reveals

The man dubbed the “poster boy” for Romanian migration to the UK died in a car crash after taking cocaine and driving in excess of 100mph (160 km/h) while disqualified, an inquest has heard.

Victor Spirescu was the first Romanian to arrive in the UK to work when EU regulations changed in 2014 and was met by a media scrum at Luton Airport, bbc.co.uk reports.

Milton Keynes Coroner’s Court heard the 33-year-old was not wearing a seatbelt when he died on 15 January. He died of multiple fractures.

The court heard Mr Spirescu, who was living in Milton Keynes, was driving a black Mitsubishi Galant with his friend, Eugen Condurache, in the passenger seat.

In a witness statement, Mr Condurache said they were driving to the shops to buy cigarettes when Mr Spirescu said he would show him a “proper doughnut” – a manoeuvre where a car is spun 360 degrees, leaving a ring of tyre marks.

He said Mr Spirescu was not wearing a seatbelt and was travelling between 100-110 mph when the car began to roll on Chicheley Hill, Newport Pagnell, at about 04:00 GMT.

“He was screaming in a panic. He knew something was going to happen,” Mr Condurache said.

The car then crashed into bushes and Mr Spirescu was thrown out of the vehicle. A passer-by stopped and called emergency services, but Mr. Spirescu died at the scene.

Andy Evans, forensic collision investigator for Thames Valley Police, said the car’s MOT had expired and Mr Spirescu was disqualified from driving at the time. Pathologist Dr Jenish Patel said Mr Spirescu’s cause of death was multiple fractures, with his intake of cocaine and alcohol contributing factors.

The Romanian who ‘invaded’ Britain

After the news of his death in January, ‘Romania Journal’ reported that according to sources, Victor Spirescu was about to get married.

Spirescu arrived in Britain on January 1, 2014 to find a job. Officially he was the first immigrant to reach the UK after the lifting of restrictions. Journalists and British MPs were waiting at the airport what was expected to be an exodus. Labour MP Keith Vaz greeted him at the airport. But Victor Spirescu was the only Romanian to ‘invade’ Britain.

First, he found a job as car washer. Then, after an interview granted to Sky News, for which he received GBP 500, he bought a phone and started to look for jobs¸ cancan.ro informs.

At the end of 2015 he became businessman. Almost two years since the start of his British adventure, he said he wanted to contradict the ones who did not believe in him.

“I have no problem with the money right now. I’ve set up my own business. I install ventilation systems and I also sell them, it’s a business with three employees. I can say I live better than I did in Romania and I am not thinking to come back,” Spirescu said at the time.

He added it wasn’t easy to become a businessman among the British. He faced times without a job and lived on the money from Romania, but at the time he was proud of his achievements.

Later on he was saying he does not want to come back to Romania, as he was earning GBP 2,000 per month, he had bought a car and was about to move to a new apartment.

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