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Victory of pro-European candidate for the Chisinau mayor seat, invalidated by court

Victory of pro-European candidate for the Chisinau mayor seat, invalidated by court

Chisinau court has invalidated the local by-elections held for the Chisinau City Hall on June 3 that brought victory to the pro-European candidate Andrei Nastase.

Nastase, running on behalf of the „Dignity and Truty Platform” Party, has obtained 52.08% of the votes in the runoffs for the Chisinau mayor seat, defending the Socialist candidate, Ion Ceban, who got 47.43%.

After the court’s ruling to invalidate elections, Andrei Nastase announced he would challenge the decision to the Court of Appeal.

„We’ll challenge the ruling to the Court of Appeal. We have one day to challenge it. We’ll wait for the Court of Appeal’s ruling. I have a call on all of us to be ready for massive protests. It is an arbitrary decision and the judge who pronounced it must go to jail,” said Andrei Nastase.

The judge Rodica Berdilo who invalidated the local elections have only a two-year experience in court. Moreover, she spent part of this period on maternal leave, according to agora.md.

Rodica Berdilo has been appointed at the Chisinau court on May 23, 2016. Several days later, on June 7, she was suspended from office for she went on maternal leave. Berdilo returned to work in October 2017.

In June last year she was targeted by an investigation conducted by the Center for Journalist Investigations for dealing with the case of two former prosecutors who sued the state asking for higher pensions.

Moldovan President, pro-Russia Igor Dodon commented on Facebook the invalidation of the elections for Chisinau City Hall, stating that Andrei Nastase should have been allowed to take over the mayor position so that everybody should see „how sterile he is in front of the real problems, where populism doesn’t help”.

On the other hand, pro-European Maia Sandu, former candidate for the republic’s presidency, slammed the court’s ruling, arguing that the „judiciary controlled by Plahotniuc has taken the most criminal decision against the democracy in Moldova”. In a Facebook post, Sandu says that the justice „has trampled the free and democratic option of the citizens”. „Today, they spat and toppled down our most precious asset-our vote”, she added.

Early elections were held in Chisinau early this month over the vacancy of the mayor seat after Dorin Chirtoaca had resigned in February due to his criminal files.

A referendum for his recall was also held in November last year, but it was invalidated over the low turnout. Dorin Chirtoaca is charged with passive corruption deeds in aggravated form and influence peddling in a file regarding the paid parking in Republic of Moldova’s capital city.

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