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Viennese Ball in Bucharest, this Saturday

Viennese Ball in Bucharest, this Saturday

by Monica Apostol

Every year, between November 11 and the beginning of March, Vienna and other capital cities of the world bring back to life the splendor of the traditional ball season. The 2017 edition of the Viennese Ball in Bucharest shall be honored by the presence of the City Hall of Vienna and the Austrian Embassy in Romania. And, once again, the privileged partners of the Ball are United Way Romania and SOS Satele Copiilor, organizations that shall benefit from guests’ presence and involvement in this event, according to balulvienez.com

The waltz may not have been invented in Vienna. However, that was the place where it started its most successful career as a dance and a musical composition.

The opening ceremony of such an event includes a series of dances performed by the young couples of debutants. With their grace, they introduce the guests into the atmosphere of the ball, dancing a polka, a waltz, a quadrille from the “Die Fledermaus” Opera or an original choreographic piece. The opening ceremony can also include a short ballet, an Opera moment, symphonic pieces or a short speech given by a personality. The ceremony closes with the call ‘Alles Walzer! (Everybody waltz!), uttered by the Master of Ceremonies. After that, guests step on the dance floor, for the first waltz.

It’s a time of great joy and pride!

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Dress code: white tie, black tie!

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