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Vote on the PNL’s censure motion in Parliament on Thursday

The joint standing bureaus of the Parliament decided that the censure motion filed by the National Liberal Party (PNL) to be debated and voted in the Parliament’s plenary sitting on Thursday, starting 11:00hrs.

The motion was read in Parliament on Monday, with Liberals asking for the Tudose cabinet’s removal “in order to stop the crash of the economy and Romania’s taking-out from the EU.”

We urge you to vote the censure motion and to strip Tudose Government from the political endorsement, for we know it would be only fair thing at the moment. By your vote, you stop the economy crash, you put an end to the attack against the judiciary, you prevent Romania from being expelled from the European Union!,” PNL says.

The Liberal claim that the removal of the Tudose Gov’t should “immediately and automatically prompt the abrogation of the emergency ordinances that generated the fiscal chaos and to stop the attack against the justice independence”. “The incumbent PSD-ALDE ruling coalition has managed in a record time to generate generalized chaos in all vital sectors- from healthcare and education to taxation, judiciary and infrastructure,” PNL added.

The Liberals urge the coalition leaders “to dare believe” that prices for fuels have increased by 12% from August to November, that electricity is more expensive by 7% in October as against the previous month and by 12% compared to December last year, the RON-EUR exchange rate has exceeded RON 4.64 and the Robor index is double than in early this year (from 0.8% to over 2%).

UDMR chairman Kelemen Hunor said on Tuesday that the Union will not endorse the no-confidence vote against the Tudose Cabinet and that the Magyar MPs will abstain from voting.

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