Bucharest hosts the International Conference of Psychoanalysis next week, the relevance of the Archaic at issue

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The Romanian Society of Psychoanalysis (SRP), member of the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA) announced that the tenth edition of the International Conference of Psychoanalysis will be held in Bucharest at Athenee Palace Hilton on November 2-4.

To whom the event is addressing

The scientific event is targeting psychoanalysts, therapists, doctors, psychologists, sociologists, philosophers, anthropologists, writers, as well as specialists or aspirants, students and graduate students in the Humanities, the academic staff and clinicians, and all who seek in the psychoanalysis a reflection environment and an useful tool within the quest to understand human nature.

Lecturers and structure

The conference will bring to the audience’s attention five European psychoanalysts (Paolo Fonda – Italy, Viviana Laura Strauss and Eike Hinze – Germany, Irina Adomnicăi, Vladimir Marinov – France), some of the most specialized in the Archaic topic.

They will make plenary presentations and will supervise clinical workshops within several round tables.

Nationally and internationally renowned Romanian psychoanalysts, known across the psychoanalytical academic and scientific world will join the key speakers from abroad, the hosts and moderators.

For three days, the conference will introduce theory and clinical perspectives to approach the psychic primitive contents, such as the transference relationship, psychoanalytic listening, symbolisation and art, nonverbal language, psychosomatic syndrome or the mother-baby early relationship.

At the same time there will be a film screening, followed by psychoanalytical comments from the topic’s perspective. The debates will be attended by a Romanian filmmaker.

Media partners involved in the event are: Editura Trei, Editura Fundației Generația, Observator Cultural, Cafe Gradiva, Editura Helard, Psychologies, Editura Medicala Carol Davila, Editura Oscar Print.

For those in the field, the event will benefit from credits from the Psychologists College in Romania.

About the topic of discussion

The metaphor of the archaeological exploration has accompanied psychoanalysis since its beginnings. The one who initially advance it, Sigmund Freud, suggested by it the psychoanalysts attitude, who is in labour of discovering and knowing the psychic depths. The unconscious, the predilection field of the psychoanalysis studies and applications, refers to that part of the human psychic which consists in those contents that are forgotten, rejected or repressed from the conscious, but also from other contents, which have never reached the conscious, represented by primitive excerpts, pre and post-symbolised, definitely pre-represented, pre-verbalized archaic.

The conference where we invite you is about these archaic contents. As they are so obscures, can they influence in any way the relationship with the self and with the others? If yes, considering the premise proposed by the psychoanalytical presentations of the Conference, then how could they be discernable? And how could they be shown so that, after being properly handled, they should be integrated in the psychic in the end? Doctor Gianina Micu, Psychoanalist, scientific vice-president of the Romanian Society of Psychoanalysis.


The programme of the Conference is available on: https://www.conferinta.srdp.ro/art?id=226-program-2018


office@srdp.ro ; https://www.facebook.com/public/Societatea-Romana-De-Psihanaliza


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