Former gymnast Monica Rosu wearing traditional ‘ie’ on Easter

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Former gymnastics champion Monica Rosu has replaced the gym costume with the traditional Romanian ‘ie’. “I have gladly accepted the invitation made by Cristina Chiriac from Flori de Ie to make an atypical photo shooting, wearing the ie in a gym hall. I wore a Romanian ie, a model inspired from over 80-year-old peasant embroidered blouse. I would wear one anytime (…) I realized that we, the Romanian women have a valuable item passed from one generation to another, the Romanian IA! And I will get a new rig-out ie for we must wear something new on Easter!,” said Monica Rosu.

Monica Rosu,  born in Bacau on May 11, 1987, won two Olympic gold medals (team and vault), a silver medal with the Romanian team at world championships, and two gold medals at the European Championships (team and vault). At present, she presents the spors news at gym
The central element of the new Flori de Ie collection is the Romanian ie with metallic strand. All blouses are handmade, using cotton and silk.

Flori de Ie tries to preserve and pass on the magical insignia meant to protect the bearer from evil spirits. The Romanian ie is currently the best ambassador of the Romanian values, creating bridges and linking hearts, while bringing hope to the souls. We managed to create a harmony between traditional elements and the modern ones, to successfully promote the handmade sewing art so that the ia should become a special fancy outfit,” said Cristian Chiriac, founder Flori de Ie.

The models are inspired from the Romanian traditional art, from the ancient Romanian peasant embroidered blouses, combined with the details of the present time and fashion, to bring Romanian values back to life. Flori de Ie has toured tens of cities: New York, London, Vienna, Abu Dhabi, Moscow, Shanghai, Bari, etc.

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