Gambling addiction: Myths and Facts

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Gambling addiction (or Ludomania) – is a psychological disorder reflected by a morbid attraction to gambling. The game receives the highest priority in the gambler’s life causing his/her social, professional and family values depreciation. The disorder is formally recognized as a disease under F63.0 code of the ICD-10 scale. However, the devil is not so black as he is painted. Let’s take a closer look at the myths surrounding the disease.

The first myth is tightly connected to the disease: you are guaranteed to become addicted if you play in a casino.

This is simply not true. Although the disease does exist, not every player has it, as well as not everyone who drinks alcohol is an alcoholic (less than 10%). A tough mind and a sustainable livelihood guarantee the immunity to the disease. The people who play casino games responsibly can freely play games at Stakers, for instance, without becoming addicted.

The second myth states: One cannot recover without assistance.

Awareness of the problem is the first step to a cure. Stakers Online Casino, for example, provides the clients with various tools designed for them not to lose control over a situation, such as daily limit, deposit limit, loss limit, time-out, and even self-banning. The latter is considered as the most desperate measure and is used only if the player feels like everything is completely out of control and the life starts to fall apart. Thus, the myth is an absolute nothing as the player is provided with everything he might need to fight the disease.

Casinos feast on players’ addiction.

The third myth is all about gaming providers’ greed. Even though it looks like gaming houses are interested in players losing money, the truth is far from it. A good management understands, that the clients should not be left penniless. The operator wants the client to be happy and to come back again and again. Stakers Online Casino takes the same view: the German gaming house cooperates with the best international organizations aimed at helping people with gambling addiction, such as Gambling Therapy, Gamblers Anonymous, and many others.

The conclusion

Ludomania is a severe form of mental disorder as well as alcoholism and drug addiction. However, responsible gaming and a tough mind significantly minimize the risk of the addiction. Licensed gaming houses are also in support of responsible gaming and joint problem-solving – together with international organizations they are always ready to help their clients to overcome the gambling addiction.


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