Good start for presidential elections in Diaspora


I took part in the elections, at least I was going to. But my ID card expired and I couldn’t cast my vote. Everything came to grief!

I haven’t seen such a strategy within living memory. My identity card expired, so I am not Romanian anymore, I suppose I am Martian or from planet Venus? Young Daniel Iordache sent from Bucharest told me he had been ordered to grant no interviews and that who wants to ask questions for the media should address the office in Romania. I was flummoxed with ‘this bilateral relation’ to help each other. I have been staying there for four more hours. Obviously we all know the generosity of the Romanian honorary consul in Melbourne, Mr. Nicu Cojocaru, who has no equal. He is generous with us, Romanians living in Australia, but also with those who come from Romania, he accommodates and treats them to a dinner every time they come here and need any help. I would nominate him for the Nobel Prize, honestly! He does us only good and we all should kiss his hands.

They come here and ask, “Give us your vote! Trust us…, but it’s none of your business what we are going to do with it. IT’S TOP SECRET!”

We lost our right to decide our own destiny, the fundamental human rights. We are strangled! If you are not sleeping with the squad, you are LOST.ben invers


I apologize!!!ben normal

Is that true I am not Romanian enough to vote for Iohannis?

Maybe Klaus will let me, IF I AM PATIENT?

This ‘hiding from us’ thing only leads to suspicion and speculation. Nobody will ever trust anyone. Luckily there are still transparent Romanians on this earth, otherwise we would turn into “an Internment Camp”.

126 voted in New Zealand. Klaus Iohannis was in the lead, with 65 votes, followed by Monica Macovei – 28 votes, Elena Udrea – 13 votes, unlucky number, Victor Ponta – 7 votes. Tariceanu and Vadim Tudor got 6 votes each.

Monica Macovei won the presidential election in Sydney, Australia with 60 votes out of 130. Klaus Iohannis came second, with 51 votes and Victor Ponta third with 13 votes (unlucky number, too?). Elena Udrea got 5 votes and Calin Popescu Tariceanu only one vote.

In Melbourne 200 Romanians cast their votes. Iohannis was also in the lead with 108 votes. Monica Macovei got 44 votes, Elena Udrea 15 votes, Victor Ponta – 14 votes, C?lin Popescu T?riceanu – 11 votes, Gheorghe Funar – 4 votes, Corneliu Vadim Tudor and Hunor Kelemen – one vote.

It is going to be a tough combat for the run-off election.

Let’s pray that Good God will clear our mind so that all Romanians all over the world should cast our votes and chose the best and most suitable candidate for Romania of the 21st century. See you on November 16.

by Ben Todic?, Melbourne, Australia

(Ben Todic? is a Romanian-born independent filmmaker living in Australia)

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