Last tickets available for Legion Run!

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Legion Run international event held in Romania is closer, ready for a fair play race at Divertiland Water Park, Chiajna, near Bucharest, on June 16.

Legion Run is a unique experience of a non-competitive event, spiced with a lot of adrenaline and fun, comprising a series of obstacles especially made to encourage the team spirit, aimed at challenging one’s personal limits.

To benefit of the last tickets, access the event website. 

Besides the discounts to be displayed on the on the website and  on the  Facebook page  Legion Run will preserve the price of one ticket to RON 130, also on the day of the event, for Legion Run encourages both the fun and ambition to push your own boundaries and to become better day by day.

The sponsors of the event, among which there are FordStore BDT, SlooP, Unimasters and Gatorade, will support the surprising and energetic atmosphere, while Black Cab will provide a ten percent discount for all rides to or from Legion Run location.

Booking or calling for a cab are available through Android/ iOS or BlackCab. All you have to do is register, individually or as a team, next to other friends and colleagues, directly on the event’s website

You can also find on the website useful information, details on the obstacles and on the social cause the event is promoting in partnership with Help Autism Association.

[box type=”shadow” ]Legion Run reunites all those who want to have fun and enjoy a unique experience! Participation does not need any physical condition! LegionRun is not a timed competition, it is about exceeding limits together with other participants, not alone. For we are stronger together! Video available here.[/box]

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