Medicine publicity, on the carpet in a PRIA event in mid-February


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The medicine publicity is at issue these days more than ever. Current topics for the healthcare system such as the medicine and medical device publicity law, the codes of conduct observed by the pharma industry, the ethical code for the marketing in the drug idustry, the role of professional societies, of pharmaceutical chains, reglementation of the food supplements advertising will be all tackled by the PRIA Drugs and Medicine Publicity conference, powered by PRIAevents on February 15, starting 10 a.m.

The drug publicity is ruled by directives, laws and regulation, as well as by ethical codes and guides, which vary from one country to another, but still they are governed by the same principles.

Drug publicity is a reality on the current market, but it must observe several standards: to be pertinently brought under regulation; the problems must be quickly identified and approached; the potential influence on the treatment decision, on the results must be well understood; the medicine publicity must be balanced and supported by complete, scientifically validated information sources.

The aim behind the medicine publicity regulations is to encourage the rational use of medicines by objectively presenting them and without overracting their properties, to make sure that they are correctly promoted in terms of their benefits and to make sure that the medicine publicity is not elusive.

The marketing regulation in the pharma industry is of maximum interest also in Romania.

PRIA Drugs and Medicine Publicity conference represents a major event dedicated to the healthcare that get together representatives of authorities, of the medicine and medical devices producers and distributors, of the pharmaceutical chains, doctors, patients and journalists. The conference is availing a constructive dialogue among authorities and companies, patients and mass media.

What should we amend in the current law? What a company launching an innovative product on the market can inform? What are the extra promotion ways of the food supplements compared to medicines? What are the particularities of the scientific communication? What is the online environment’s role: Internet websites, blogs, forums and social media, Facebook and YouTube? The upcoming PRIA conference will approach all these topics, in an attempt to find suitable answers.

Healthcare was and will always be at the core of the humankind’s concerns. This is why PRIAevents focuses on a wide area of topics of interests both for doctors and for patients.

Medicines and their publicity has been of highly importance over time and both them and medical research have helped many lives. They had a major part in healthcare, for prolonging life and, besides, have curbed the burden of diseases and disabilities.

More details, the PRIA Drugs event agenda and registrations are available at :

 The Romania Journal is among the media partners of the event.

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