“Queues shortener” or how to win the upcoming elections: avoidance regarding bureaucracy?

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by Andreea Marinas

Ever wondered what’s in for the public institutions in the administration sphere to hijack themselves by putting their first supporters – ordinary people – on hold for too long or by keeping them at the door?

What does the employee – paid as an unqualified worker rather than as an useful and fully experienced clerk and put into misery each working day of his life by having to deal with the “happiest” citizens of Romania – have to earn from skipping working hours or by delaying requests? And this also happens when it comes to the office in charge of collecting our money for tax and fines.

I had to obtain several authorizations for the coffee shop I’ve recently opened. I went through a nightmare in terms of bureaucracy. It’s hell on earth when you have to just wait for the single day of the week the specific department has two hours dedicated to the public. After the short time we are able to talk face to face to someone and to file requests, complaints or other official documents, we then have to wait for at least three weeks to get it all solved out. And this for each and every single one of our papers which are absolutely mandatory for opening any kind of business. Not to mention that it’s very likely to have the bad luck of not finding anyone at the desk. And to just wait in vain,” is one of the most recent feedbacks on the matter voiced by an entrepreneur,  upbringing the necessity of a statement in this regards.

And it could easily give anyone flashbacks, even at a larger scale.Bureaucracy_box_art

Why fixing this, when ultimately things get done on this path for years and years without anyone having bothered about it? If not for us, as we seem to leave ourselves outside and beyond these telluric issues, then for all the foreign businessmen in our country, who’d definitely appreciate less bureaucracy translated for them into more productivity. Why are many of them choosing Cyprus or even Bahamas for the taxes afferent to the registration of a company and all the rest coming along with it? It’s not only the fiscal paradises, representing a small minority, luring them to do so.

We can just sit and wait for someone to drain us from our dirt, we can be outspoken and beaten up afterwards, we can provide some ideas to our governors in order for them to have the premises to come up with solutions, or we can cross our arms in defense and leave everything as it is.

If the Police has millions of euros to spend on its IT system, why wouldn’t have the public administration at least half of the money to facilitate some of the aspects related to bureaucracy and to soften our lives? Romania is a safe country with Bucharest ranking among the safest cities in Europe and across other continents in terms of criminality. Meanwhile, the European Union has funds awaiting us all, not only the Romanian Police.

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