„SHE DID IT” , a special event to celebrate the International Women’s Day in Bucharest

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Business Women Forum Romania (BWFR) and Israel’s Embassy to Romania are organizing a special event in Bucharest in early March, dedicated to the International Women’s Day.

The event, hosted by Willbrook Platinum on March 7, starting 5 p.m., is dedicated to all women who succeeded in various fields, by scoring major achievements, overcoming personal crises or reaching business goals. The event will get together special speakers, women with remarkable inspirational stories.she did it

Ilanit Melchior from Israel, Tourism manager for the Development Authority in Jerusalem will attend the event.

The Israeli ambassador in Bucharest, Mrs. Tamar Samash hailed the initiative: “I believe in the power of the female entrepreneurs to bring innovative spirits to life and to support Romania’s economic growth. Therefore, I invited a special speaker to share some of the values that she is enforcing in the day-to-day activity, to inspire the female entrepreneurs in the BWFR community and not only, and to create a bridge for future collaborations”.

The event this year will also host a new edition of the <Made in Romania> fair, which will include BWFR designers in various fields.

BWFR is a non-profit organization set up in 2015 and operated by local & foreign business women in Romania, comprising 3,000 members – women who are entrepreneurs, corporate managers, NGOs and startups owners. BWFR is committed to support women who are thinking to kick off a business, during their start up process and organizes workshops every week to provide business women in Romania with entrepreneurship know-how and networking opportunities.

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