Specialists from large companies to train students of the American International School of Bucharest in its new Design&Engineering center


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The latest project of the American International School of Bucharest (AISB), the Design&Engineering Center, is an innovation in the educational field, where practice and invention get together in the educational process. Therefore, the school management decided to approach specialists from various fields to provide students with unique experiences and to open new horizons for the jobs of the future.

Experts in IT&C, design (fashion and webdesign), cuisine, music, film, journalism and green energy will be invited to be teachers in the center’s labs.

AISB is thus offering to all those interested the possibility of being consultants for students, with discussions with various multinational and local companies being under way at present.

The specialists will deliver interactive workshops within AISB, next to the school’s teachers, precisely to initiate students in certain fields. At the same time, the AISB students are encouraged to develop their abilities in these fields and to innovate in their turn.

According to the AISB director, Robert Brindley, the school is searching specialists who are connected to the latest cutting-edge technologies. „We need them to be close to our teachers and together to help students walk the line and train for tomorrow and for the demands of the future labour market,” Brindley stated.

The idea of such a design&engineering center, developed under the motto „Step Into the Extraordinary” has come up following a collective strategy of the Boarding Council and of the school community, meaning the one to permanently innovate the education system. And involving the specialists from the companies was a natural step in the entire concept.

The next generations’ capabilities to be creative and to innovate have an overwhelming importance in the success they will have in life. And I don’t refer here only to the possibility of finding a job, which yet cannot be neglected, I also mean the possibility to successfully handle the reality of the future, as it is pretty much challenging. As we have been doing for years, we will also get in contact with other schools in Romania so that students outside AISB could have access to the design&engineering center,” the AISB director added.

A first stage of the center has been completed, more precisely, the first labs (fashion design, robotics) are already available for students, with the classrooms being built in the part of the school which used to host the primary school (that was relocated to the new center commissioned in August 2017). The second part of the design&engineering center will be a a premise to be built from the scratch in 2018.

When the center is completed in 2019, it will enable all to work in the robotics, film, sound labs. They will also be able to plant, harvest, cook and sell foodstuff, to make up clothes, furniture pieces and many others.

You can find more details about the upcoming design&engineering center in our exclusive interview on this topic.

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