Telekom Romania Foundation joins the MagiCAMP Hugs Caravan Campaign


Telekom Romania Foundation joins the latest MagiCAMP initiative, the Hugs Caravan Campaign, through which it offers 25 smartphones worth 5,000 euros and 80 Telekom SIMs for children with oncological diagnostics, with severe burns or who have lost someone dear. The campaign runs from 6 to 20 December and addresses children from the MagiCAMP community and their families.

The partnership between Telekom Foundation and MagiCAMP Association started in 2015 and year after year brought joy to children with serious medical problems, for whom hospital is their second home, and doctors are the friends that bring them hope and the ones that help them fight the disease.

With every action implemented, the MagiCAMP team writes a beautiful story, even when everything takes the form of a hard or impossible ideal. Because we feel the same and we believe we can generate a positive impact on the lives of those in distress, we chose to be close to these wonderful people and to support them in their efforts.

This year, we wanted smartphones to be purchased from the amount offered by Telekom Romania Foundation, which children and their families can use, including in crisis situations, when calling emergency services”, stated Ionela Păunică, Executive Director, Telekom Romania Foundation and PR Expert, Telekom Romania.

In addition to the fight they have with the disease, the approximately 500 children who represent the MagiCAMP community are facing an unjust battle with the shortcomings, and every gift they receive with the support of MagiCAMP has a special significance and marks an important moment in their tough childhood.

“Every year, we strive to make children happy and we know they welcome us with open arms for Christmas. With the support of Telekom Foundation, we will be able to inform in advance some of them to polish their boots, as they will receive the phones they wanted. Thank you, Telekom. We are glad you are part of the Hugs Campaign!“, stated Melania Medeleanu, founder of MagiCAMP.

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