Telekom Romania Mobile fights against fixed ideas by offering Romanians simple services and convenient offers


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Telekom Romania Mobile aims to combat stereotypes and fixed ideas about products and services in the telecommunications industry and announces new commercial offers that simplify and improve the customer experience.

Starting this autumn, Telekom Romania Mobile is offering Romanians “MOBILE PURE & SIMPLE”, continuing its commitment to its customers.

“MOBILE PURE & SIMPLE underlines our vision to break the mould in the telecommunications industry and make mobile technology accessible to all Romanians. I am glad to be part of this change, in a market as competitive as the Romanian one,” said Charalampos Mazarakis, Chief Executive Officer Telekom Romania Mobile.

The commercial offer makes 5G accessible to everyone, offering both prepaid and postpaid connectivity from just €5. The autumn offer brings to the fore Unlimited subscriptions with roaming included and affordable 5G phones, including the new generation of 5G T Phone smartphones, suitable for any budget. Business customers benefit from attractive offers tailored to their business needs.

Also, with the Telekom prepay, customers receive a €50 voucher on total top-ups of €15 made during the campaign period (13 September 2023 – 7 November 2023) for the purchase of 5G phones.

The #FaraIdeiFixe campaign, through which Telekom Romania Mobile launches its new brand philosophy, presents the stories of three Romanians who, through their work, define what it means to fight fixed ideas and succeed – Arian Notrețu, an 18-year-old who, after losing his leg at the age of 10, became a triathlon and swimming champion; Alexandra Mircea, a dentist who has defied the preconception that dental education can’t be done on the internet but only in the office; and Lorelei Bratu, an influencer who breaks beauty moulds and has become a role model for many women.

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