What Are The Best Casinos In Romania?


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If you’re traveling to Romania, a quick search can tell you that gaming activity is legal in the country and there are multiple casinos venues worth visiting, particularly in the Bucharest area. The country may not have the same reputation as, say, Monaco or London, but there are certainly casinos to visit if this is something you enjoy while traveling. The question, of course, is which ones you should aim to visit given the opportunity. These are a few you may want to keep on your list.

Palace Casino Bucharest

The Palace Casino in Bucharest is probably the most famous gaming venue in the country, and with good reason. It’s located in the middle of the capital inside the larger complex and recognized landmark of Casa Vernescu. As one travel site puts it, the Palace Casino was designed to anticipate your every desire, with a satisfying variety of games, a bar, lounge, and restaurant, and a generally classy and well-mannered crowd. It’s an excellent place for an elegant but enjoyable night out – a sort of classic European casino experience.

Casino Bucharest

Casino Bucharest is a natural alternative to the Palace Casino, and one of similar quality. If anything, there is perhaps more of a focus on gaming and less on venue. In particular Casino Bucharest emphasizes “live games,” like poker, roulette, and perhaps most importantly blackjack – a card game recognized by online gamers around the world as one of the most iconic games in casino culture. It’s a casino that’s truly about the cards, chips, and games, and as such is a casino enthusiast’s paradise.

Casino Vesuvius

This is a curious venue, but a good example of a casino outside of Bucharest. It’s located in Brasov, and strikes a very different note than those in the capital. With much of its area devoted to dining space (and ideal for events), it almost minimizes its focus on gaming. However, that lends an intimate atmosphere to the gaming areas, such that it’s a nice place for a few quiet card games or something of the like after a nice meal with company.

The Abandoned Constanta Casino

This is a sort of bonus we’re including on the list, because, as you can see, it’s abandoned! But it’s a very cool building near the Black Sea, which we’ve highlighted previously (because it was used for a commercial), and it’s just worth seeing. Though you’ll be out of luck if you want to play any games there….

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