“What do you want to do when you grow up?”

Nestlé is helping thousands of teenagers find out the answer to this question.


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For many teenagers, the question “what do you want to do when you grow up” remains unanswered even after graduating from high school and starting higher studies, due to the low level of identification of young people’s vocational skills. Nestlé, the global food and beverage company, is trying to address this situation with a vocational testing campaign aimed at teenagers (high school) and young people, either in higher education or in their first job.

According to Eurostat, in 2022, 19.8% of Romanians between the ages of 15 and 19 were neither studying nor working. Provided that for boys the proportion was almost 15%, for girls it was a disaster: over 25%, putting Romania first in this negative ranking (source). Many other statistics constantly presented by the media reveal the fact that too many young people do not know which direction of professional development to take after graduating from either high school or college, which contributes to the worsening of the skills crisis phenomenon on the labour market.

One of the ways in which young people can be directly and concretely helped to orient themselves effectively in the labour market is the testing of vocational skills through scientific means, which on the one hand provide them with the most faithful image of individual skills, and on the other, share suggestions of professional perspectives matched with test results.

This type of vocational test is not free, and a large part of parents in Romania consider it to be quite expensive, which is why they eliminate it from the helpful options for orienting teenagers towards a certain profession. That is why, together with its partners, Nestlé has been directly involved in the financial support of this endeavour to contribute to the optimal professional development of young generations, and consumers can stand with Nestlé to help 20,000 young people find their way in life, by simply participating in the campaign”, explains Marius Niță, Head of Corporate CDT, Nestlé România.

Vocational tests will be available online at the end of the campaign based on registrations, the mechanism being very simple: consumers who buy Nestlé products of at least 30 lei (value of tax receipt) can register, and then enter the series and receipt number on www.nestle.ro/promotii or by SMS to 1746 and 3782. If you have children, or you have neighbours with children, Nestlé recommends that you give them access to vocational tests, to help them with an optimized start in whatever job they choose. More details on accessing the tests are available in the campaign regulations (link).

Those who have completed a vocational test also have a chance to win, therefore Nestlé has prepared a series of prizes, available by drawing lots: one of 50 backpacks full of Nestlé products, or one of 10 MacBook Air 15″ laptops or the grand prize worth 75,000 lei.

Shoppers can enter tax receipts with participating Nestlé products, with every tax receipt entered practically funding a vocational test for a future engineer, lawyer, plumber, or electrician that we’re sure to need in the years to come. We help them discover what they can do, so they will succeed”, says Marius Niță.

You can buy Nestlé products and register the vouchers in the campaign for young Romanians until June 16, 2024.

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