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What have Romanians Google searched this year?

Are you curious to know what have Romanian been curious of this year? According to the latest statistics released by Google, the most popular searches on this search engine platform in Romania in 2017 have been related to the education issues, such national exams or baccalaureate, Black Friday sales, iPhone 8 or Stela Popescu, the comedy actress who had recently passed away.

In terms of events of the year, the Romanians have mostly searched on Google topics such as the baccalaureate, national evaluation, Black Friday, high school entrance exam, Wimbledon and Roland Garros tennis tours, Eurovision, Romania-Denmark football match or hurricane Irma.

The most Google searched films were „Fifty shades darker”, „Fast and furious 8”, „Dunkirk”, „Descendants 2”, „Collateral beauty”, „Thor: ragnarok”, „John Wick 2”, „Beauty and the beast”, „Baywatch” and „La la land”.

Most of the searches for recipes related to: “tiramisu original recipe”, “fluffy pancakes”, “strawberry jam”, “Bulgarian cucumbers”, “chocolate salami”, “lamb soup”, “humus”, “carbonara spaghetti”.

Romanians were also interested to “how you make slime”, “how you make potato juice”, “how to calculate the marks for high school entrance”, “how you calculate pension”, etc.

In terms of diets, the most popular searched ones were the Indian diet, the potatoes diet, the Rina diet, the wonder diet, the Mediterranean diet, the Ashawa diet or the potatoes&yoghurt diet.

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