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What novelties are in store at the upcoming UNDERCLOUD festival?

The 2018 edition of the UNDERCLOUD International Independent Theatre Festival, running from August 22 to August 31 in Bucharest (at ARCUB Gabroveni) will host over 35 events performed by artists from Romania, UK, China, France, Israel, Poland and Portugal.

For ten days, art lovers will be able to attend theatre performances, reading sessions, workshops, conferences, book launching, with two new ingredients being added to the traditional recipe of the festival: dance and performance.

Another novelty of the 11th edition is that Romanian independent productions outside Bucharest are invited.

We are moving into a new decade. UNDERCLOUD has grown up naturally, organically and has become, after 11 years, a benchmark of the independent theatre movement. The new sections welcome the idea of having a festival of artistic interference,” said Chris Simion-Mercurian, the founder of the festival.

Among the dance performances this year, there are also two productions from Israel: The Third Dance, a show that brings to the light the romance and its cliches and Territorial Opera, signed by Schlomit Fundaminsky, designated by the Israeli Culture Ministry as the most promising young female choreographer.

The Performance section includes such shows as: Homo Love, Nok !Nok ! and Institute of Change.

Another novelty of this edition is the selection of several independent performances, which are from other cities than Bucharest: Complet Alb/ Completely White from Iasi, În umbra marelui plan/In the shadow of the great plan (Cluj) and MaRo (Târgu-Mureș).

UNDERCLOUD will open with The Fever (August 22,23), a French production that brings Romanian actress Simona Măicănescu back home. A monologue-show on social inequality, “The Fever” is directed by Lars Lars Norén, considered the most important Swedish playwright after August Strindberg. The text is signed by Wallace Shawn, famous Hollywood actor and writer, known for his collaboration with Woody Allen.

Another production highlighting the contribution of a Romanian to an international show is Stretto (22 of August), which revolves around Romanian-born dancer, professor and choreographer Romulus Neagu, established in Portugal.

London-based performance Victory Over The Sun, based on the homonym show in 1913, is played on August 24.

Experts of the art show industry will be able to interact with the foreign artists in two workshops: Jarosław Fret, director of the Grotowski Institute from  Poland and Chinese film director Tang Shu-Wing,  also known as „The alchemist of the minimalist theatre”.

The complete programme of UNDERCLOUD 2018 is available on  www.undercloud.ro.

Tickets can be purchased online on  mystage or eventbook.

UNDERCLOUD has been founded on 2008 and it is the first independent theatre festival in Romania, running as of 2014 under the aegis of Europe for Festivals programme.

UNDERCLOUD is an event organized by UNDERCLOUD Association, with the support of the Bucharest City Hall (through Arcub Cultural Centre) and co-financed by the Culture Ministry.

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