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Who can play the piano and ping-pong at the same time? Who’s the best pianist? The answer at the PIANO BATTLE – Andreas vs Paul

The most non-conformist classic music show, PIANO BATTLE-Andreas vs Paul is coming to Romania on Monday, October 8, with renowned German born pianists Andreas Kern and Paul Cibis will have a match at the Bucharest National Theatre.

Tickets for the concert are available in the Eventim network (Germanos, Vodafone, Orange, Domo stores, Humanitas and Cărtureşti bookshops) or online here, for the following prices: first category RON 300, second category- RON 240, third category- RON 180, fourth category- RON 120.

The show will start at 8 p.m, the audience’s access in the concert hall starts at 7 p.m.

PIANO BATTLE-Andreas vs Paul is a concert performance that brings into the limelight two rival pianists, very different, but strong and competitive at the same time, who will race to earn the audience’s affection, having different styles, techniques and artistic personalities.

The repertoire is broad, from Schubert and Chopin to Scriabin and Ligeti, Liszt or Rachmaninoff.

The audience is the jury of this performance, with all spectators being invited to vote for the performances of the pianists, and choosing a winner in the end.

PIANO BATTLE is an original concept, initially designed for the Hong Kong Festival, but which ended up filling up the concert halls of the renowned festivals in Asia, Europe and North America.

Andreas Kern, born in South Africa, soloist and orchestra player, but also TV man, is dubbed as a rebel musician, trying to present classic music in as many unconventional ways as possible.

Paul Cibis is a renowned international performer on five continents, being invited to perform within international festivals in the UK, Germany, USA, South Africa, Taiwan, Australia or New Zealand. He has studied in Hanover, Berlin and London and has been involved in film productions, where he signed the soundtrack for some short films and Pianomania documentary.

More about the  Piano Battlehttp://www.pianobattle.com  or on its Facebook page.

Video available here.

Spectators are kindly advised to respect the following rules:

  1. Access is available based on a valid ticket, one time.
  2. Spectators are kindly asked to keep their seats during concert.
  3. Food and drink in the concert hall is forbidden.
  4. Filming with phones or other devices is also forbidden.

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