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Why do we have to face the death toll like this?

By Andreea Marinas

Imagine having to face the agony before your death, all alone, in a hospital, after having worked for 30 continuous hours as a physician and after having studied and worked hard your entire life with only a faded trace of personal life. Even seconds, in the case of a heart attack, and it’s plain misery.

Last week our country lost a 38-year-old anesthetist, one of its most dedicated and least appreciated – nothing new when it comes to the remuneration and appreciation of certain areas of expertise here.

No one ever tells you those awful truths and no one seems to care. Everyone and everything’s is so replaceable that dreadful events as such are being forgotten in no time.

And no, it’s not about being a doctor. It’s not anyone’s cup of tea just as much as not all of us are enjoying numbers or letters. Someone from the HR industry has recently unveiled the naked truth behind a reasonably enjoyable and manageable profession: “It all started well. But ultimately, I got to work for 14 or 16 hours a day, had to use my own car… What more to do for this job?”.

Of course, each company has its own procedures and tests. As for the promotion methods… that’s something more like taboo in our country. Promotions and raises are generally for the ones who ask for them. So, the reality is that after having studied all your life, perhaps even at the best schools and ranking first or in Top 5 everywhere, and having reached a workplace where you have to work double or triple than legally permitted, you get to… die. As cynical as it may sound, it’s all similar to the ‘Paris Syndrome’ with the mention that we should feel like spoiled brats only because we get the chance to still be alive. I wonder what our ‘heads’, our leaders, will do if this ordeal goes any further: pick up ‘1984’and start applying the censorship for what happened yesterday?

People abroad are seriously considering lashing out on their bosses or on whoever they treated them unfairly using ‘special’ means. Retaliation through voodoo dolls against abusive bosses might just be it. If not, we could all opt to go to Svalbard and do nothing more.


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