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Wizz Tours: Rome, Romanians’ favourite destination in 2017
photo source: commons.wikimedia.org

Wizz Tours: Rome, Romanians’ favourite destination in 2017

Last year, 14.62 percent from Romanian tourists who booked vacations through Wizz Tours preferred Rome from their for their vacation, followed by Malta with a 12.56 percent and Larnaca is the third destination on tourists top list (10.60 percent).

Exotic places, like Tenerife or Dubai, also rank among top 5 favourite destinations among Romanian tourists. In the second part of the top, there are destinations like Barcelona, Venice, Lisbon. 

“Exactly like in 2016, the first two places belong to Rome and Malta, but last year, in 2017, Larnaca, Tenerife and Dubai, regions with sunny days all year round, are among tourists’ favorites. In 2018 we will complete our portfolio with another wonderful destinations from Romania like Lyon, departure from Cluj – Napoca, Nice from Bucharest or Paris from Craiova, which makes the year 2018 looking very interesting,” says Istvan Csanalosi, Wizz Tours general manager.

30.39 percent of Romanian tourists are interested in reserving seven-days package vacation flight and accommodation from Wizz Tours. About the same percentage- 30.32 percent of them – preferred just a city break escapade.

Regarding the budget, the cheapest Wizz Tours package purchased for two persons was 2 nights in Budapest, with EUR 72, at a three star hotel. At the opposite pole, the most expensive Wizz Tours package has cost EUR 4886.12, two persons, 11 nights, five stars hotel in Tenerife.

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