Brexit delay: EU agrees 2-part plan to avoid no-deal

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European Union leaders have agreed a delay to Brexit that avoids the UK crashing out without a deal next week. The EU and the UK have agreed a two-part deal that avoids a no-deal cliff-edge on March 29.

EU27 unanimously agrees on its response to UK’s requests,” Donald Tusk, the President of the European Council tweeted after a meeting in Brussels.

According to the plan, the EU agreed to an extension to Article 50 till May 22, provided the British Parliament endorses the Withdrawal Deal next week when the British Prime Minister Theresa May will hold a meaningful vote.

Tusk explained that, if the deal is not approved next week by the Parliament, the UK will be given an extension only till April 12, while adding that EU leaders responded to the request in a “positive spirit.”

Despite efforts to avoid a no-deal scenario, the European Council leader stressed that the EU would be continuing no-deal preparations.

British PM Theresa May said last night that she regretted having to seek the delay and blamed lawmakers for failing to implement the result of the 2016 referendum.

President Iohannis on Romanians’ rights after Brexit

After the agreement on a two-part deal, Romanian President Klaus Iohannis who attended the European Council meeting said there is a real chance for an organised Brexit. He said that for Romania, Romanian citizens living in the UK are our first concern.

If the deal is sealed, the Romanians’ rights are very well assured, we had bilateral talks. I have repeatedly discussed with British PM Theresa May to be sure that, in case of a new deal, we can have a bilateral agreement for the Romanians and for the British. We are well on this matter”, Iohannis stated.

The best option is to conclude an agreement. It’s very good that late last night we reached a common agreement on a two-part deal. If it is not voted, then the extension deadline remains April 12. It’s a deal that gives EU the certainty that things are going on, but which also gives UK a real chance to decide what it wants at last“, the Romanian head of state added.


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