Bulgaria pledges to overtake Romania on fighting corruption


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While in Varna on Friday, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has pledged a swift adoption of substantial changes to the domestic judiciary so that Bulgaria would outrank Romania in terms of progress in combating corruption and organized crime.

The Bulgarian PM argued that a year and a half ago, during his previous term in office as Prime Minister, Romania had had a monitoring report under the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism issued every six months, while the one on Bulgaria had covered a year and a half, and yet everybody had been comparing Romania to Bulgaria.

“In a sense, they were trying to catch up with us. What has happened in a year and a half is that Romanians are now given to us as an example. Four years they were behind us,” Borisov stated, vowing that Bulgaria will again outperform Romania in 3-4 months, according to reports of the Bulgarian National Radio quoted by Novinite.

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