Estonia: Ruling Reform Party wins election victory


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Estonia’s governing Reform Party won a national election overshadowed by security concerns sparked by Russia’s role in Ukraine, the BBC informs.

Prime Minister Taavi Roivas, whose party has 30 seats, is set to form a coalition in the 101-member parliament.

The results are a blow to the Centre Party, which has ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who were expected to do well in the poll.

Estonia was once part of the former Soviet Union but is now a NATO member.

“The Reform Party is the 2015 winner of the parliamentary elections,” Mr Roivas declared on the ETV public television station.

Mr Roivas’ party claimed 27.7% with most of the votes counted, down from 28.6% at the last parliamentary elections in 2011.

The pro-Russian Centre Party took 24.8% of the votes, winning one more seat to take them to 27 in total.

The Social Democrats, who have been Reform’s coalition partner, now hold 15 seats after losing four while the IRL party lost nine seats to take them to 14.

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