EU ministers, including Romania’s representative, ask UK for clear strategy on Brexit. UK formally demands for the process’ delay


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Ministers for Europe in several EU countries, including George Ciamba, the Romanian minister delegate for European Affairs, have urged the UK on Tuesday to present a clear strategy on Brexit, considering the upcoming crucial EU leaders’ summit on Thursday.

According to sources, British PM Theresa May intends to write  to the EU to ask for Brexit to be postponed until 30 June with the option of a longer delay.
We are really exhausted by these negotiations,” said Michael Roth arriving for a meeting of Europe ministers in Brussels on Tuesday. “I expect clear and precise proposals [on] why such an extension is necessary. Dear friends in London, please deliver!” said  Roth, Germany’s Europe minister, reported.

Meanwhile May is facing her own Cabinet’s.

BBC quoted a minister said there was “no agreement” around the cabinet table. Another source expressed frustration that the prime minister did not make a clear indication of the option she would actually argue for.

Under current law the UK will leave the EU with or without a deal in 10 days.

The prime minister says the UK will need a short extension to get the necessary legislation through Parliament, if MPs back her withdrawal deal.

MPs rejected Theresa May’s deal for a second time last week by 149 votes. They also voted in favour of ruling out leaving the EU without a deal and in favour of extending the Brexit process.

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