Joseph Daul: Viktor Orban is in the focus, but there are violations of the rule of law in other countries, including in Romania


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The President of the European People’s Party (EPP), Joseph Daul, has criticized the fact that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is in the focus, but there’s no discussion about countries such as Malta, Slovakia or Romania, EFE informs, quoted by

Joseph Daul said the press cannot force him to exclude Viktor Orban from the EPP, as the party is democratic, there is the rule of law, freedom and regulations. He mentioned that the European Parliament’s decision against Hungary should be continued and anyone not observing the rule of law should bear the consequences. Joseph Daul said the EPP wants to find out from the European Commission if Hungary has violated the rule of law.

Joseph Daul said everybody is talking about Orban, but not about other countries such as Malta, Slovakia or Romania, all of them governed by parties which are members of the European Socialist Party, countries where the rule of law is violated.

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