June 12, Russia’s youngest holiday

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Russia Day celebrated on June 12 is one of Russia’s youngest holidays, having only been around since 1992. The day celebrates the establishing of Russia as an independent country after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, officially recognizing the day that the Declaration of the Sovereignty of the Russian Federation was signed.

The day is used as an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of Russians worldwide in the sciences, humanities, arts and humanitarian activities, as well as a general celebration of the Russian culture and identity.

Prominent Russian writers, scientists and humanitarian workers receive State Awards from the Russian President on this day.

Most major cities in Russia organize large public celebrations for Russia day. This includes concerts by famous musicians, kids’ activities, and fireworks at night. Since June usually means quite nice weather in Russia, people pile onto the streets to wander around and spend the afternoon in the park and the evening in the pub.

Most public offices and schools are closed on June 12. All offices and many shops and businesses are also closed on this day, and public transport runs on a restricted schedule.

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