Moldovan President appoints Chiril Gaburici for PM

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Moldovan President Nicolae Timofti appointed on Saturday, by decree, Chiril Gaburici, Liberal Democratic Party (PDLM) representative, to form the government, the presidency announced on the website, according to Mediafax.
A Republic of Moldova’s Presidency communiqué informs that Chiril Gaburici has 15 days to ask for confidence vote in Parliament for the new government and its programme.
Chiril Gaburici announced he would assume responsibility as prime minister. After consultations organized by the Presidency he said that the situation in R. of Moldova is not simple, the country needs a premier and he hopes to get the vote from all parliamentary groups, according to IPN.
He also announced that he will continue the “pro-European direction of the country” and that in the coming days he will negotiate with the parliamentary groups, with trade unions and employers.
Gaburici, denied he is godfather of the niece of the Communist Party leader Vladimir Voronin.

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