Patriarch Daniel, about ISIS killing 21 Christians in Libya: Religion, pretext for terrorist acts

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Romanian Orthodox Church Patriarch Daniel believes the killing by militants of the Islamic State group of 21 Egyptian Christians in Libya represents a sad proof of the use of religion as a pretext to justify terrorist acts, Agerpres informs.

“I found with sorrow and concern about the 21 Egyptian Christians belonging to the Coptic Church, killed in Libya by militants of the Islamic State (ISIS) group. This action is another sad proof of the use of religion as a pretext for justifying terrorist acts through which the role of religion as spiritual and social peace factor is, in fact, denied. In the name of the hierarchs, the clergymen and the believers of the Romanian Orthodox Church, we address condolences to the families of those killed and to the entire Coptic Church. We pray that such acts directed against innocent people don’t happen again and that religion will no longer be used to justify violence, but to promote peace among peoples,” Patriarch Daniel says in a condolence message addressed on Tuesday to Tawadros II, Pope and Patriarch of the Coptic Church.

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