Overturning in Kishinev: Pro-European parties got 54 seats in Parliament, pro-Russian ones- 47


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R.Moldova parliamentary returns indicated on Sunday’s night that Pro-Moscow Socialist Party was in the lead, followed by Voronin’s communists.

Despite the Socialist Party and the Communist Party ranks first and third after Sunday’s parliamentary elections in Republic of Moldova, returns are pointing out that the three pro-European parties- the Democrat Liberal Party led by ex-PM Vlad Filat, Democrat Party and the Liberal Party-have gathered more votes than the pro-Russian parties.

After counting 87.7 percent of the votes, Socialists rank first with 21.16 percent, the Democrat Liberal Party comes second with 19.23 percent. Communists got 17.87 per cent, Democrats-15.76 percent and Liberals- 9.3 percent. According to the percentage, Socialists would take 26 seats in the Parliament, Filat’s party-23 seats, Communists- 21 seats, Democrats- 19 and Liberals 12 seats.

Sunday’s night returns had shown that Socialists and Communists are in the lead.

According to the returns issued after counting 35 percent of the ballot papers,pro-Moscow Socialist Party got 22.91 percent of the votes in Sunday’s parliamentary elections held in Republic of Moldova. The Communist Party headed by former President of the republic, Vladimir Voronin, came second with 19.75 percent of the votes. Vlad Filat’s Democrat Liberal Party was ranked third with 16.69 percent, while Democrat Party led by Marian Lupu followed, with 16.4 percent and . A 55.86 percent turnout was registered until 21.00.

Just like in Romania’s elections in Diaspora, Moldovan citizens have been queuing to vote at the polling station in Moscow.

Sunday’s election takes on wider significance with the unrest in neighbouring Ukraine, as the challenge for R.Moldova was whether to move closer to Europe or to move back into Russia’s orbit.

The Communist Party, a moderate pro-EU force seeking strong economic ties with Russia, was seen as a front-runner at 24 percent in the polls, while the pro-Moscow Socialist Party, which is harshly anti-EU and favours Moldova’s membership in a Russia-led customs union, was forecast to garner 6 to 8 percent.

Russia, which backs a breakaway territory on Moldova’s eastern border with Ukraine, says the pro-Europe course will also cut off the country from Russia’s cheap supply of gas. Earlier this year, Russia banned imports of Moldovan meat, wine and fruit in the aftermath of an economic deal with the EU. Russia is Moldova’s second-largest trading partner after the EU, accounting for a quarter of Moldova’s foreign trade.

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