Republic of Moldova: President Timofti has appointed an interim PM

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Moldovan President Nicolae Timofti (photo) appointed Deputy Liberal Gheorghe Brega as interim prime minister on Friday, after the government led by Liberal Democrat Valeriu Strelet was dismissed on Thursday by the parliament in Chisinau.
Gheorghe Brega said, according to Radio Chisinau, that Moldova’s priority is now a functional goverment as quickly as possible, a pro-European government.
Valeriu Strelet refused to provide the office of interim prime minister, as he submitted his resignation on Friday to President according to the Constitution.
The Moldovan parliament voted overwhelmingly on Thursday to dismiss the government of Prime Minister Valieriu Strelet.
A total of 65 deputies in the 101-seat legislature voted in favour of no-confidence motion against Strelet’s government on October 29.
The vote was secured when Marian Lupu, leader of the Democratic Party, a member of the ruling coalition, said he would join with the opposition Socialist Party and the Moldovan Communist Party in voting against Strelet.
Strelet – who was appointed on July 30 – had said ahead of the vote that he would not resign amid large public demonstrations in Moldova over a massive bank fraud.
Strelet said that stepping down would mean acknowledging the corruption allegations against him and would result in a delay in vital negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

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