Simona Halep about the Charlie Hebdo cartoon. Ambassador of France: It does not represent the feeling of French public opinion

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Romanian tennis player, Simona Halep, 1st WTA, has attended on Friday the first edition of the Simona Halep Challenge – a hockey tournament for children in Bucharest.

Asked about the Charlie Hebdo caricature, she said she would rather not comment.

“I don’t want to comment. I would say nothing about this issue,” Simona Halep said and requested the journalists to approach another subject.

The next question was about the moment when Bucharest Mayor General, Gabriela Firea, was booed, in the National Arena, during Halep’s ceremony to present the Roland Garros trophy.

“I do not make politics. I don’t want to say something about this issue. I went there purely to share my joy, to show the trophy to the people who came to the arena and they are the reason for which I accepted the invitation. Only for them. That’s all,” Simona Halep said, according to

Simona Halep arrived in Romania on Monday after winning Roland Garros title, also bringing the replica of the trophy embodying the first Grand Slam title in her career. At least 20,000 fans acclaimed Simona on the National Arena in Bucharest Monday evening, the location where she presented her trophy.

However, the spectators protested when Bucharest Mayor, Gabriela Firea, handed out a plaque and a big bunch of flowers to Simona, booing the mayor and preventing her from delivering a speech.

French Ambassador: Freedom of expression and press freedom are fundamental principles

Freedom of expression and press freedom are fundamental principles and the caricature on Simona Halep does not represent, in any way, the feeling of French public opinion, the Ambassador of France in Bucharest, Michèle Ramis, said for and

“The historic victory of Simona Halep at Roland Garros is a tremendous reason for pride for the Embassy of France, which sees it as a beautiful and strong symbol, several months before the opening of Romania-France Season. This Season will allow us to renew and strengthen the connections between Romania and France in all fields, including sports. Whatever we may think about the cartoon, I have to remind that the freedom of expression and the press freedom are fundamental principles of the French Republic. This publication makes responsible only the author and does not represent, in any way, the feeling of the French public opinion,” the French Ambassador’s statement reads.

The French satire publication, Charlie Hebdo, is ironic to Romanian tennis player, Simona Halep, after she has won the trophy at Roland Garros on Saturday.

The French weekly has drawn a caricature in which the Roland Garros trophy is raised above a woman’s head.

“A Romanian has won Roland Garros: scrap iron, scrap iron!” is the comment.

The caricature was posted on Facebook by journalist Dan Alexe.

The cartoon has become viral and has stirred reactions from Romanians, who consider the cartoon as an attack on all Romanians, say it lacks humour and say the French do not understand the difference between Romanians and Rroma ethnics. It is about the Rroma ethnics that steal iron in order to resell it as scrap iron.


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