The second fall of Constantinople (I)

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carictby Grisha Onedin




The year of 1453

Following a two-month siege, the capital city of Constantinople was conquered by the Ottoman armies under the command of Ottoman Sultan Mehmet II.

Constantinople was the capital of the Byzantine Empire, the capital of the former Eastern Roman Empire.

The last byzantine emperor, Constantine XI Palaeologus died in battle.

It’s worth mentioned that in the 12th century, Constantinople was the biggest and wealthiest city of Europe.

On the other side, there was the western and central Europe, whose power was represented by some state entities from the former Western Roman Empire.

This was a part of Europe, which didn’t bother too much to help the little Byzantium, whose magnificent glow from the glory period of the Eastern Roman Empire was nothing to speak of anymore. Only a territory comprising the city of Constantinople, several regions round, as well as some scattered colonies. As a matter of fact, the city has been surrounded for years by territories that had been already conquered by the Ottomans.

And thus, by 1922, the city of Constantinople became the capital of the Ottoman Empire.

The year of 2015

Can be this year considered as the one when the new siege of Constantinople began?

I wished to exaggerate a little bit and dared use an exercise of imagination. Thus, I’ve assimilated the former capital city of Constantinople as the current Europe.

Compared to 1453, this time was easy. No army forces were needed anymore.

The gates of the old Europe have just opened by themselves.



How would Europe’s map and destiny have looked like if the Ottoman power hadn’t extended on its territory?

Again, Europe is invaded. I’m not saying by whom. I don’t want to stir polemics.

I wish the avant-garde of the European culture and civilization to hang on and manage to preserve and develop the progressive and innovative ideas laid down and enforced many years ago.

I hope with my whole heart that 100 years later we shouldn’t need to ask for “somebody’s” permission to build a church or a theatre or any other important building such as an opera building, a university, a stadium on the territory of a different Europe, studded with mosques everywhere.

I hope that with my whole heart!

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