Romania asks EC to amend the PNRR and add new chapter on REPowerEU

Romania has today submitted to the European Commission a request to amend the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) and add a new chapter on REPowerEU, which aims to strengthen the strategic autonomy of the Union by diversifying the energy supply and by increasing the independence and security of energy supply EU energy. Romania’s proposal aims to modify approximately 70 measures.

The REPowerEU chapter proposed by Romania covers two new reforms and six new investments, as well as an extended measure that was already included in the PNRR, according to a press release from the Community Executive. The reforms and investments in the REPowerEU chapter are related to increasing the production of green energy, improving the energy efficiency of buildings and strengthening the skills of the workforce in the field of green energy production. The PNRR amendment proposed by Romania provides for the elimination of four investments from the initial plan and the modification of approximately 70 measures.

The Commission will now assess whether the amended plan meets all the assessment criteria set out in the Recovery and Resilience Facility regulations. If the Commission’s assessment is positive, it will present a proposal to amend the Council’s execution decision to take into account the changes made to the Romanian plan. Afterwards, the member states will have four weeks to approve the Commission’s assessment.

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