Competition Council President warns the prices of energy and gas will increase

The prices of electricity and gas in Romania will have an upward trend, given the context of alignment with the European countries, yet the Government should say which consumers it can further subsidize, President of the Competition Council, Bogdan Chiritoiu, said on Thursday.

“A hard to accept issue, however unavoidable, is that, when we integrate into the European market, whether of gas or energy, the unavoidable trend is to have similar prices with the neighbouring countries. This is the definition of a market, the prices have the tendency to level,” Chiritoiu said, according to

He claims this is already happening for fuels without taxes.

“We like it or not, it is happening with the energy and gas. This could turn into a good thing for Romania and for our producers, as in general we are exporters of energy and, when we develop the production capacities in the Black Sea, we would most likely become exporters, thus it would be a good thing for our economy. But it would lead to price increases,” the Competition Council President said.

He added that the most vulnerable consumers should be identified. “The trend will be that all Romanians say are vulnerable, but not all of us are vulnerable,” Chiritoiu said.


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