Petre Roman and Gelu-Voican Voiculescu indicted in the Mineriada case

Former President Ion Iliescu to be heard at home due to his age.

The General Prosecutor’s Office officially announced, on Thursday, the indictment of former Prime Minister Petre Roman and former Deputy Prime Minister Gelu-Voican Voiculescu for committing crimes against humanity, in the June 1990 Mineriada file ((Miners’ Riot).

Also, the former director of the SRI Virgil Măgureanu, Adrian Sârbu, Miron Cozma, General (r) Vasile Dobrinoiu (former commander of the Superior Military School of Officers of the Ministry of the Interior) and General (r) Peter Petre were also charged (former commander of Military Unit 0575 Măgurele). They were called to the Prosecutor’s Office on Thursday, to be informed of the accusations.

Former president Ion Iliescu is to be questioned by prosecutors at home on Friday, because he cannot go to the Prosecutor’s office, being 94 years old.

Former Prime Minister Petre Roman arrived at the General Prosecutor’s Office on Thursday morning, to be informed of the accusations in the Mineriada file from June 13-15, 1990. Petre Roman is accused of crimes against humanity in a file in which former president Ion Iliescu is also being investigated , Gelu Voican Voiculescu, the former head of the SRI, Virgil Măgureanu, but also the former leader of the miners, Miron Cozma.

On April 16, President Klaus Iohannis gave his approval for the indictment of Petre Roman and Gelu Voican Voiculescu.

The prosecutors must start the investigation in this file from scratch, after the evidence collected by the investigators was annulled in court. Initially, in June 2017, former president Ion Iliescu was sent to court for crimes against humanity, along with former prime minister Petre Roman and former SRI director Virgil Măgureanu, but in December 2020, the High Court of Cassation and Justice decided to return the file to the Military Prosecutor’s Office, for rebuilding the investigation from scratch.

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