40 doctors with the Emergency Unit – SMURD Bihor resign, nurses warn to follow suit

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All the 40 physicians with the Emergency Unit of SMURD Bihor have resigned on Monday, following the decision of the Oradea County Council to cut some of the cash bonuses. The nurses warn they would follow suit.

The former UPU-SMURD Bihor County chief, Hadrian Borcea, resigned last Friday. He said on Tuesday that the doctors will ensure the medical assistance until May 14.

“All the 40 doctors with the UPU-SMURD Bihor have resigned on Monday, I’ve asked the nurses to wait, as they are young and have a lot of problems. Nevertheless, 60 out of 90 nurses have signed the resignations, but have not registered them. Until May 14 the doctors will ensure the medical assistance. Solutions are being sought, calculations are being made,” Borcea said.

The manager of the Bihor County Hospital, Gheorghe carp, said in turn that he hopes a solution is reached until the end of the day to alleviate the situation.

The UPU-SMURD employees with the Oradea County Hospital threatened since last Friday they would resign, following the decision made by the Oradea County Council to cut some of the cash bonuses, which means loss of revenues.

According to Hadrian Borcea, the new cash bonuses system affects the medical staff working in difficult conditions.

“We’ve discussed with the hospital manager about the new cash bonuses system, the staff working in special conditions is affected. They had bonuses of up to 100% and now they find out their revenues fall by hundreds of RON. The decision to cut the bonuses was made last Thursday by the Oradea County Council, without any consultation,” Borcea said. He has been, until last Friday, chief of the UPU-SMURD Bihor since 2006.

He claims the cash bonuses were of 100% in February and the cuts mean 55-85%.



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