The website of Romanian Football Federation – hacked by Albanians

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Following the defeat of the Romanian national team by Albania 1-0 in Group A of EURO 2016, the Albanians have hacked on Tuesday the website of the Romanian Football Federation (FRF) and replaced it with the Albanian national flag. The page also had a motivational movie with the best moments of the Albanian team. “In red and black I dress, I have the eagle on my chest. I keep my head up high, for the flag I may die. It’s good to be Albanian,” a message posted on the website read.

The attackers have also succeeded in hacking the FRF President Razvan Bureanu’s laptop and have taken the transcript of a phone conversation he had with Fabio Capello, during which the latter refuses the proposal to coach the Romanian national team.

The Romanian Police, through the Directorate for Combating Organized Crime (DCCO), is to conduct checks regarding the deeds of unauthorized access to an IT system and altering information, the institution says.


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