Which Romanian city outranks Amsterdam or Istanbul on restaurants?


One city in Romania has more restaurants to 100,000 inhabitants than Amsterdam or Istanbul.

Due to its fast growing tourist potential in the past ten years, Sibiu, central Romania, boasts more restaurants to 100,000 inhabitants than other renowned cities such as Amsterdam or Istanbul. Sibiu was European Cultural Capital in 2007 and  was awarded the maximum Michelin quotation – three stars.

According to the president of the local Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, Aurel Aldea, Sibiu, which has 150,000 inhabitants, boasts around 200 restaurants, which is quite impressive if reported to the latest statistics. Aldea said in the opening of the GastroPan international exhibition that Sibiu outranks other famous European cities such as Amsterdam, Istanbul or Stockholm on number of restaurants.

Sibiu will be European Gastronomic Region in 2019.

The historical center of Sibiu represents the greatest medieval urban ensemble in Romania, with very well preserved buildings and dwellings, defense walls and towers.

Sibiu is a city of superlatives and premieres, both in Romania and in Europe. It was in Sibiu where the first hospital, the first library, the first school, the first pharmacy, the first paper mill, the first book store, the first theatre building, the first museum, the first cast iron bridge, the first mental illness hospital, the first whole Romanian capital bank, the first spring factory, the first beer factory, the first tool factory, the first hydropower plant, the first Zoo garden, the first open-air cinema in Romania.

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