Over 58% Romanians drink 2-3 coffees per day

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More than half of the 200 respondents of a survey conducted by xpresscups said they drink 2-3 coffees per day. 45.7% of them drink specialized coffee and most of them prefer coffee from the espresso machine.

73% of the respondents buy their coffee from the supermarket/shop, 38% from the cafes and only 25.8% online.

65.6% of the respondents buy coffee beans, 34.4% buy ground coffee.

45.7% drink specialized coffee, 48% 100% Arabica coffee, 36.7% prefer standard, commercial coffee.

The espresso machine is preferred by 61.1% of the Romanians, while 13.6% choose V60/Moka/Chemex, 42% the coffeepot and 18% coffee maker.

34% like espresso, 44.3% cappucino or latte, 21.7% Americano and Long Black.

58.8% stated they drink 2-3 coffees per day, 36.2% one coffee every day and only 5% drink more than 4 coffees per day.

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