Weekend events in Bucharest: Street Delivery Bucharest 2021, The Color Run Night 2021, IMapp Bucharest – Winners League, Bucharest International 10K

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Street Delivery Bucharest 2021

Between Friday, September 17 and Sunday, September 19 the Cărturești Foundation will organize the “Street Delivery Bucharest 2021” event, on Pictor Verona Street. For this event, road traffic will be restricted on Painter Arthur Verona Street between Alexandru D. Xenopol St. and Jean Louis Calderon St.

Street Delivery is a civic initiative to regain public space and imagine more human-friendly cities started in 2006 by the Cărturești Foundation and the Romanian Order of Architects, a strategic OAR project funded by #TimbrulDeArhitectură.

The guests of this edition are: Ugears, Ludicus, Atelierul de Croit de Imagini, Experiențe Japoneze, Asociația Unu și Unu, Smart City/VPK Group, Turific Play, Acuarello, KaleidoLove, Taraful Crescut pe muzică, Handpan Romania si Nala Sound Sculptures, TOBA Artisan Cajones, Zanga Drums by Roxana Zanga, Art Machine by Pastila Roz.

„The Color Run Night 2021” sports event

On Saturday,  Sept. 18 the sports event “The Color Run Night 2021” will take place on the route Bd. Mircea Vodă – Bd. Unirii.

Traffic restrictions will be imposed on the following route:  parking of the National Library – Bd. Mircea Vodă – Bd. Unirii – Piața Alba Iulia (without affecting the roundabout road traffic) and return on Bd. Unirii to the Șerban Vodă bridge (without affecting the road traffic from the intersection) – Bd. Unirii – Bd. Mircea Vodă – the parking lot of the National Library.

Road traffic will be restricted between 14.00 – 20.00, on the route mentioned above and on the arteries that access it.

In case there will be bad weather on Saturday, „The Color Run Night 2021” will be held on Sunday, September 19, with the same restrictions in store.

„IMapp Bucharest – Winners League”

The Center for Creation, Art and Tradition Bucharest will organize the event “IMapp Bucharest – Winners League” in Constitution Square on Saturday, Sept. 18 starting with 17.00 and on Libertății Boulevard, the patch between Calea 13 Septembrie and United Nations Blvd.

IMapp Bucharest – Winners League is one of the largest international 3D video mapping competitions in the world, organized each year by Bucharest City Hall through CREART, in Constitution Square, Bucharest, Romania.

Every year, in September, iMapp Bucharest brings to Bucharest the best multimedia artists in the world, who present their creations on the Parliament Palace’ façade of 23,000 sqm (the second largest administrative building in the world). The participants’ works are analyzed by a specialized jury, composed of distinguished experts and important representatives of the international visual culture, in the field of visual arts, communication, media or film.
In 2020, iMapp Bucharest launched the international solidarity campaign “One World. One Heart. ” and was declared the winner of the “AV IN ACTION” category at the AV AWARDS Awards in London – the famous international competition that recognizes and rewards excellence in the entire audiovisual industry, organized by AV Magazine from UK (magazine that dominates the audiovisual publishing sector for over 40 years).
Video mapping uses a complex 3D image, that brings to life the surface of the building by forms and colors, using each architectonic element in order to personalize and reshape the gigantic area of the construction. Thus, the “outline” of the building becomes the main protagonist of a dynamic show of sound, color, light, a true optical illusion. Referring to the mapping part of the event, we can say that the huge surface of 23.000 sqm of the façade of the Parliament Palace has never been used in such a complex project of video-mapping. From a technical point of view, iMapp Bucharest is an impressive display of expertise, unique in Romania.

Bucharest International 10K

On Sunday, September 19, during 8:30 and 15:30 hrs, there will be another sports event in Bucharest, „Bucharest International 10K”, with runners to gather from Regele Mihai I Park, Charles de Gaulle entrance.

The start and arrival will be in the Arch of Triumph area/Charles de Gaulle Square and the marathon take place on Kiseleff Road and the adjacent areas, promoting the Capital city’s tourist sights.

The event will include the half-marathon and 10km races, which will be attended by elite international athletes, national champions, and amateur runners. The event will offer cash prizes worth over € 14,000.

Inspired by Romanian runner Constantina Diță, gold medalist at the Olympics, the event aims to promote sports and a healthy lifestyle, offers opportunities to top Romanian athletes, supports local charities, promotes Bucharest and Romania as international tourist destinations.

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